Why PR?





"Ducks lay their eggs in silence ... chickens cackle like crazy ... What is the outcome?


The Whole World eats chicken eggs! "


Henry Ford (1863-1947)


We have the network, we have the ideas! We bring you and your company to the press and the net:

· We will build up an image that suits you!

· We help you to become better known!

· With our support you can reach more customers!


Would you like to reach influential target groups with above-average income and wealth? Then you are exactly right with us.



Through continuity and interesting content. We always come up with something new! Through our pro-active PR work and tailor-made campaigns we generate measurable success. We always orient ourselves closely to your ideas and create marketing and PR measures that suit you:

· Your house has an unusual architecture? We bring you to the trade press!

· You own an excellent restaurant? We make your menu known to the gourmets.

· You have a special offer for wedding couples? We organize the honeymoon of a celebrity and sprinkle the beautiful pictures and details in all relevant media.

These are just three of thousands of examples that show how versatile and creative PR work is. And how effective.


It is working?! Still today ?!

Classic PR seems to be an old hat - but it is the logical predecessor of new advertising and PR resources on Youtube, Facebook, Instagram and Co. The modern stars are no longer on TV, but on Youtube, influencers affect thousands of their followers with just a photo of your product.

Instagrammer tell about their life, being authentic and trustworthy ... and weave in your recommendations and products. Their followers believe them.

When we launch press releases, reports and interviews in classic PR work, we work in the same way: We weave the content you want into the magazines and journals - without it being immediately obvious as advertising. We tell stories that convince!

The close relationship between the two ways of working made it easy for us to expand our portfolio with modern online PR.

So we also offer:

· Social Media PR and Social Media Marketing

· Social media campaigns (Facebook campaigns / Instagram campaigns)

· Cooperation with Youtubers

· Cooperation with influencers

· Facebook marketing / Facebook PR