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I have experienced both sides of the coin and grew up with it: I first developed my editorial skill from scratch at a newspaper publisher in Spain. After being employed by The Leading Hotels of the World, Ltd., I opened their first PR department for the entire German-speaking area, which I headed for ten years. Back then, we represented 365 of the most exquisite luxury hotels worldwide.


Travel and PR became my passion. I later moved to the position of spokeswoman for Hilton Hotels International. With my expertise in publishing and many years of PR experience in the international luxury hotel industry, I founded my own PR Agency in 2002. Many of the finest luxury travel brands around the world have taken benefit from my expertise over the years, as seen in my REFERENCES.


In recent years, we see an expanded definition of the term "luxury" in our Western society. The concept of luxury moves away from material value, and rather towards the immaterial: time, health, individuality and personal experiences. 


That is why luxury is no longer just about enjoying butler service in a Leading Hotel of the World, Ltd. Rather, it is a feeling or a personal experience, an encounter, the very special moments that one experiences during a journey. Picnic and silence in a secluded spot, glamping with the sound of the sea, or riding through the desert. These are the subconscious longings of our consumerist society which creates a lack of authentic experiences: Luxury is a good of which there are only a few.



pr hotel resort luxury golf award expert media marketing public relations story telling increase my visitors german market


An experienced and creative team of experts out of media, tourism, and marketing sectors ensure that our customers benefit from a long-term media presence through effective communication strategies.



For many years, we have worked closely with tour operators, travel agencies, airlines, various service providers from the tourism industry, as well as those from the luxury and lifestyle industries. We love to communicate and bring people together! This creates synergies and a win-win situation for all our partners.


Bespoken Services & Global Network.

Thanks to our team of creative writers and freelancers, our agency WeberBenAmmar PR offers you individual, unique and prompt service. Together with our partners, we work at the perfect scale to develop and implement full service campaigns while always listening to your needs and requests.