About Us

Who We Are

WeberBenAmmar PR is an owner-managed PR agency with 25 years of experience: We are your PR experts in travel, tourism and luxury -  with years of experience, a large network and creative heads. In addition to numerous luxury hotels, our portfolio includes boutique hotels, golf and luxury resorts, cruises as well as travel destinations. 
We have a profound industry knowledge, long-term media relations and a broad network in the luxury industry.
We are your storytellers: we bring you into the press via our network. We build up your brand and your perception - and guarantee you a long-term media presence in all German speaking markets. Upon request, we cover your campaigns all over Europe - all from one source - due to our long-standing Global Partner Network.
As PR professionals, we know how important linguistic delicacies and subtle information in communication are. That is why we will analize your needs and will develop customized communication and PR strategies for you.
This will lead into:
More guests
More revenue
Increase of your recognition
Increase of your awareness
Improve your image and gain of confidence

We are Your Way to Become Famous